Famous Iphone Secrets 2022

famous iphone secrets 2022

Famous Iphone Secrets 2022. Discover exactly what your phone knows about you. There are a ton of great tricks you can utilize to use your iphone more effectively.

Top 10 Hidden iPhone Tricks YouTube
Top 10 Hidden iPhone Tricks YouTube from www.youtube.com

If this sounds familiar, try this: Extend your phone’s battery charge with airplane mode. Next, turn on the toggle right next to hide alerts.

Why This Tablet Is Touted As One Of The Best

Then press the share button—the box with the arrow pointing upward—in. Hey siri, take a photo (you can also say picture) hey siri, take a square photo. Make your iphone run faster by clearing out the cache in several of apple’s apps using a secret trick.

With This Iphone 11 Hidden Feature, You Can Set Up Your Power Button So That When You Quickly Press It 5 Times, It Will Send Your Iphone 11 Into Emergency Sos Mode And Automatically Notify All Your Emergency Contacts And Call Emergency Services.

To set this up, go to settings > emergency sos > call with side buttons and you can add your. With ios 13 and above, you have a few options. Go to the settings. click on accessibility. tap audio/visual. click on led flash for alerts.

24 Iphone Settings That Feel Like Secrets.

Now, whenever your iphone detects a baby crying sound, you will get notified. Hey siri, take a panoramic photo. If this sounds familiar, try this:

Go To Settings On Your Iphone And Tap Accessibility > Sound Recognition To Enable Sound Recognition.

I don’t know about you but i often forget to close safari tabs. To assist, we have listed 10 iphone secret codes that you will find interesting and helpful. If you want to share your photos with someone online, it is a good idea to remove location data from them.

You Could Access Numerous Useful Iphone Features By Typing In A Few Secret Codes Into Your Phone Dialpad.

Go to settings > touch id & passcode. Create custom alerts for different people. Doing so will give touch id more information.

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