Cool Secrets To Iphone References

cool secrets to iphone references

Cool Secrets To Iphone References. 24 iphone settings that feel like secrets. To set this up, go to settings > emergency sos > call with side buttons and you can add your.

8 iPhone Tips and Tricks YouTube
8 iPhone Tips and Tricks YouTube from

Extend your phone’s battery charge with airplane mode. And if you’re staring at your iphone screen all day, it can put a strain on your eyes. Swiping left will automatically undo, while a.

In The App Store, Podcasts, Music, Game Center And Phone Apps, Tap On Any.

Hence, they remain open for days and even months in some cases. How to ditch your android for an iphone—and take. Only dial **me, or **63 from your iphone, and subscribe to the plan.

Go To Settings On Your Iphone And Tap Accessibility > Sound Recognition To Enable Sound Recognition.

There are a ton of great tricks you can utilize to use your iphone more effectively. Apple’s ‘hilariously awesome’ new gadget samsung galaxy tab s7 review: Make your phone easier on your eyes.

Hide Or Show Your Caller Id.

To assist, we have listed 10 iphone secret codes that you will find interesting and helpful. With this iphone 11 hidden feature, you can set up your power button so that when you quickly press it 5 times, it will send your iphone 11 into emergency sos mode and automatically notify all your emergency contacts and call emergency services. Instead of your phone, the service will give you a unique name.

Hey Siri, Take A Video.

And if you’re staring at your iphone screen all day, it can put a strain on your eyes. Go ahead, instead of an actual phone number, choose a special nickname for yourself which will. Doing so will give touch id more information.

Next, Turn On The Toggle Right Next To Hide Alerts.

I don’t know about you but i often forget to close safari tabs. Go to the settings. click on accessibility. tap audio/visual. click on led flash for alerts. Go to settings > touch id & passcode.

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